Sunday, February 12, 2012

Short and Sweet...

This post is going to be short. There really isn't much to talk about from this past week. I have spent most of my time studying for classes. Since school started back, it doesn't leave much time for knitting or spinning.

  • I am still working on my Knittarati socks. I have one finished and I have just turned the heal for the second one.
  • I've spent time working on the Winter Blanket and started block 6 last night. It continues to be my mindless knitting that I pick up when I need a break.
  • I started a new little cardigan. I'm calling it Longing for Spring since we are in the dead of winter and I am really looking forward to the blooms that spring weather brings.
  • I have finished spinning my Janurary fiber from Into the Whirled and I am now waiting for the coordinate to arrive and be spun up so that I can ply the 2 together. I think it will make for a very pretty yarn once finished.
The kids have been kids this week. We have had our ups and downs. One of the best things that the new therapist has taught us about is "strong sitting". Watch the video and give it a try. It is working great for us!

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